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What's with Clubhouse anyway?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Do you miss going to conferences?

Do you wish you had a platform to share some of your wisdom?

Would you like to meet people who share your interests?

Do you love talk radio or podcasts and find yourself wanting to join the conversations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to check it out. Clubhouse can offer all of those things anytime you like.

It is no secret. I’m a leaper. The second I heard about Clubhouse I wanted IN. Perhaps you are the kind of person that needs a little bit more time to think about how, yet another social platform will fit into your already crowded life. Goodness knows that this year we are in front of technology a lot! Having said that, if any of the questions above had you leaping off your chair with a giant YES! You may want to reconsider.

In 2009 people were teasing me about my enthusiasm for twitter. In 2021 I am now being mocked for my enthusiasm for Clubhouse. I don’t mind. You may not literally or figuratively have the bandwidth for another social media channel. That’s okay.

So what is it?

Clubhouse is a new social media application based on real conversations in real time.

The platform is made up of “rooms” that people open to discuss specific topics. The rooms have hosts and moderators. There are two sections to the room. The “audience” and the “stage”. You can listen from the audience and if you want to participate in the conversation you can raise your hand and the moderator will bring you up to the stage.

Anyone on the app can start a room. It can be a closed room with people you know or an open room where anyone, anywhere in the world who is interested in the topic can join to either listen or contribute.

An article in Vogue describes Clubhouse as: “A dizzying bringing together of live podcast-style conversations, panel discussions, networking opportunities (some savvy people are already swapping ‘influencer’ for ‘moderator’) and advantageous multiple-room use (locked and private options are available so you can talk to pals too), the social-media app mimics real-life interactions.”

My experience

Talk radio has always been part of my life. My family always had CBC radio on in the background. My very first job at 16 was as a DJ at East Kootenay Radio Saturday nights from midnight to six am. I love radio. Then I loved podcasts. Now I love producing a podcast.

My first experience on Clubhouse was a late-night conversation with Elizabeth Fallon Quilter who graciously welcomed me into the club and showed me around. For the next week I was addicted.

Anytime I would usually listen to CBC radio I listened in some of the big rooms on Clubhouse. Then I started searching for “charity” “non-profit” to try and follow people who shared my interests.

The welcome to Clubhouse rooms provide a safe place at the beginning where people generously welcome and coach you through the application. Sometimes you may see folks you are following welcoming their friends in an open room, and it can be your turn to pop in and say hello and welcome someone new.

While working on launching The Intersection podcast, I started going to podcasting rooms and listening in. Those rooms were smaller, so I received loads of advice and support from a very generous community of professional podcasters. Adam Adams even hopped on a zoom call with me to help overcome a technical challenge. I couldn’t believe it! Thank you Adam.

As a female entrepreneur I can suffer from debilitating imposter syndrome so the small to medium size rooms with confidence coaches have been hugely helpful and inspiring.

It is very fair to say that conversations on Clubhouse have had a direct impact on launching a new social enterprise and a podcast.

I’ve also made a lot of meaningful connections in the rooms and as a result all my social networks have expanded. Although my Instagram is still a mess and I need to fix that.

What can Clubhouse do for the Social Good Sector?

Clubhouse is going to be a game changer if you like the following:

1. Going to conferences

2. Speaking at conferences

3. Networking and meeting new people

4. Learning new things

5. Sharing what you know and positioning yourself as a thought leader

6. Looking to build a network of people who are working for social good

With Clubhouse you can do all of those things, on your own terms at your convenience, from your home and for now, for free.

Word of Caution

Clubhouse is very exciting in the beginning and it can be a little addictive. I started to put boundaries on myself and scheduled time to be on the app for work and time on weekends to be on there for fun and professional development. Figure out what works for you.

With any new community there are going to be some bad apples. A positive experience depends on you and who you follow. These are some cautions for you to consider:

1. Some people in the bigger rooms who claim to be millionaire venture capitalists are not who they say they are. If you start to make a connection be sure to follow through the links on their bio to make sure they are authentic. There are a lot of great people there.

2. As much as they try to keep the space safe there have been instances of bullying, racism and harassment. Be mindful of who you follow and the rooms you go into and report negative behaviour.

3. Clubhouse takes their community guidelines seriously. If you do not comply, they will remove you from the platform. They will also remove the person who invited you.

4. Be careful how you spend your invites. See above.

5. Remember if you are there to build your personal or professional brand in one area and your followers see which rooms you go into, they may follow you there. So, if you are into some more fringe conversations and you go in there it may be noticed.

6. Every Sunday at noon the creator of Clubhouse, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth have a townhall. They are really interesting to join in and listen on. The app is growing and evolving very quickly.

7. Have fun, be curious and if it doesn’t work for you just delete the app and move on.

The Intersection hosts conversations on Clubhouse and we would love to welcome you there. You can check our event calendar for upcoming rooms. Also be sure to sign up as a member of our community here and as we grow together you will get invited to our Facebook page, zoom hangouts and of course conversations at the Clubhouse!

Let’s keep learning, sharing, connecting and serving each other and our communities.

See you at the Club!

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