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“It seems like everyone is calling themselves a coach nowadays. I have no idea what that means.”
A well-respected colleague recently said that to me. She is right. There are a lot of different kinds of coaches out there. 
I am a Co-Active Leadership Coach.

Co-Active Leadership Coaching believes that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Nothing about you is broken. Together we take an active approach to determining and accomplishing your goals.


Together we look at all aspects of your life. We create actions that are aligned with your unique values. As a result, we unlock new possibilities that you didn’t know existed. This helps you be more successful at work and a home.


Sound interesting? It is easier to demonstrate than explain so come play in my sandbox and let’s try out a FREE sample session. You can book here.

Photo Credit: Kimberley MacKenzie
Long Beach, British Columbia

Who I Work With

My clients are big thinkers who want to have a big impact on the world around them.


They’re leaders who need a confidential ally to help them navigate complex situations. I work with people seeking clarity on their goals, motivation to keep inspiring and leading their teams, and optimism that they can and do have the skills to rise to the challenges ahead of them. 


My clients are coachable. They’re willing to go to uncomfortable places and listen to hard truths. They’re willing to take responsibility for the actions that have led to where they are. And they’re keen to take risks and reach beyond their wildest imagination. My clients care deeply about the world around them and want to leave a positive footprint.


My clients are constantly growing. Striving to become the next best version of themselves and expect others to do the same.

Vision Clarity: A leadership coach helps you refine your purpose and align your goals, ensuring every step you take moves your organization forward.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Leadership coaching empowers you with the skills to make informed, strategic choices that benefit your cause, your beneficiaries, and your team.

Improved Team Dynamics: A leadership coach guides you in fostering a collaborative, supportive, and high-performing team culture, crucial for achieving your nonprofit's objectives. This creates loyal teams that stay longer.

Resilience and Adaptability: Coaching equips you with the resilience to navigate uncertainties and the agility to change strategies when necessary.

Personal Growth: Enhance your communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership style to not only lead your team but to inspire them.

Community Impact: As a stronger leader, your nonprofit can achieve more, reach further, and transform lives more effectively.

How Co-Active Coaching can Benefit you and your Organization.

"Took my strategy (an investment proposal) to the Board today. Went so well! APPROVED! I’m on such a high!
The me six months ago wouldn’t have had that confidence. Kimberley, I’m so grateful for you!"

Are you ready for the transformation?

Leadership coaching isn't just an investment in yourself; it's an investment in your nonprofit's future and the communities you aim to uplift.

Step into your role with confidence, equipped with the tools, strategies, and insights to lead with impact.

Let's create a legacy of change together. 

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