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Welcome to My Journey


Raised in the breathtaking mountains of British Columbia, Canada, my heart has always been anchored in the great outdoors. Yet, life's adventure brought me to Ontario, where I've had the joy of raising my own family. From the serene peaks of BC to the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, my journey has been anything but ordinary.

In 1995, I stepped away from the corporate world of banking to embrace the most rewarding role of all - being a full-time mom. This pivot wasn't just a career change; it was the beginning of a profound transformation. My volunteer efforts soon blossomed into a career in fundraising, where I learned the ropes and eventually ascended to national and executive director positions in four significant organizations. Over two decades, I poured my soul into this work, helping charities thrive through major overhauls in their fundraising systems and culture.

But the relentless pursuit of success came at a cost. I faced adrenal fatigue twice, a stark reminder of the physical toll of stress. And my family fell apart. Yet, these challenges only fuelled my resolve to find balance and renewed purpose in my life.

Today, I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), helping others navigate the complexities of life and work. My practice is dedicated to those who, like me, strive to make a difference in the world. I believe in the power of health and well-being, meaningful connections, and lifting each other up. You can learn more about my core values here.

My passion is to share my experiences - as a charity executive, consultant, resilient woman, mother, stepmother, grandma and nature lover - to inspire and empower you.

Join me in building a life that is fulfilling, resonant, and abundant. Let's discover together how to turn challenges into opportunities, finding joy and success in every step of the journey.

Your Partner in Growth,

Photo Credit: Kimberley, Icefields Parkway, Alberta


TRUTH -  When we know our truth we find our power. When we share our truth we offer the opportunity for those around us to do the same. This goes beyond authenticity to being able to make decisions with confidence.


NATURE – Connecting and protecting the natural world is an integral part of being human. Our life depends on it. Our soul is refreshed by it and our hearts and minds become calm when we listen to the rhythm of our natural world. This is where magic happens!


ADVENTURE – Carpe Diem! We embrace the thrill of discovery. Sometimes leaping and taking a giant step forward presents us with unimaginable opportunities.


COMPASSION - We actively support initiatives that uplift communities and foster a culture of kindness and empathy. For ourselves and each other.


BELONGING – We craft space where everyone is welcome. Creating a diverse community that cherishes a variety of perspectives to connect, learn, and enrich each other’s lives.


SAFETY – We value brave spaces and promise to protect and defend that space from people or things that will compromise safety.


FAILURE - It's through our setbacks that opportunities to learn, grow, and shine are present, helping us become the next best version of ourselves.



A vibrant charitable sector with a workforce that is mentally, physically, and spiritually fit so that we can deliver extraordinary results for ourselves, our organizations, AND our communities.


To provide a sanctuary for people in the charitable sector to refresh, recharge, rethink, and restart with renewed purpose, more energy, and a hopeful outlook so they can serve their communities and the world. 

Photo Credit: Kimberley, Quadra Island, British Columbia


Photo Credit: Kimberley MacKenzie, Quadra Island, British Columbia

Why Me?

Focused on You: As a charity executive, certified fundraising executive, AFP Master Trainer and consultant who has raised millions of dollars I know what it takes to do your job. I know the exact questions to ask to dig deeper and help you seek out new possibilities.

You and Your Growth: I care about your health first and your growth as a leader second. I know firsthand the trauma that can happen in this sector. I can help you balance your well-being with your goals. That means you’ll have more energy to give your team and your family.

Real Success Stories: I've already helped dozens of leaders like you make their teams stronger, find more resources, and build a better team. Just check out what my former clients have to say about working with me.

A Unicorn: Yup! Bold I know. Also true. My lived experience as a charity executive and consultant, combined with my complex personal life AND two International Coaching Federation certifications does make me a bit of a unicorn.  I know not everyone likes unicorns. Thanks, okay. But you might just need one. If that’s the case - I’m right here. 

As your coach, I can help you tackle the unique challenges you face. We’ll start where you are and create a plan that makes sense for you.

Being a great leader means more than just guiding your team; it's also about looking after yourself.


With co-active leadership coaching, you'll learn new ways to restore your energy, make your team work better together, and reach amazing goals that align with your values. Then you can model the way for the rest of your team. When everyone is healthier you all deliver more impact for your community. 

It all starts with you.

“Without Kimberley’s coaching, I would never have made that pitch. And then I got it!”

Pacific Rim National Park.jpg

Photo Credit: Kimberley's Dad Peter.

Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia

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