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My clients are from all over the world and are amazing!

We work together on zoom in most timezones.

It is so humbling to be a small part of their journey.

You can learn more about the kind of clients I work with here.

If you are coachable and willing to dig in we might be able to do some incredible things together! Let's talk.

Kristen Wheaton.jpeg

"I highly recommend Kimberly as a coach for anyone seeking personal and professional growth. She has been instrumental in helping me focus on what truly matters to me and has guided me in developing my leadership skills and confidence. One of the things that sets Kimberly apart is her ability to understand and relate to my experiences as a previous fundraiser herself. She quickly grasps the nuances of the situations I describe, which has been immensely helpful in our coaching sessions. Working with Kimberly, I have found a sense of balance between my work and personal life, and have discovered a path towards holistic happiness. She creates a safe and supportive environment where I feel comfortable expressing myself honestly. After each meeting, I leave feeling grounded and empowered to take the necessary steps towards my goals. I am truly grateful for Kimberly's guidance and expertise. She has had a profound impact on my personal and professional development, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a dedicated and insightful coach."

Kristen Clayton, CFRE (She/Her

Vice President, Philanthropy

YMCA, Canada

Megan Short.jpeg

‘Transformative’ is a big claim to make, but there is no word more apt for the impact I have experienced since I started working with Kimberley. I feel wise beyond my years for all the epiphany moments she has helped me to unlock! Kimberley effortlessly creates a space where I feel free to say anything. She is warm, understanding and ‘real’. She has on many occasions, skilfully guided me to unearth what’s really at the heart of an issue – whether I was aware of it or not! She expertly reads my demeanour, body language or simply the phrases I choose, to explore what’s really happening for me and every session has closed with a new found perspective, learning and personal growth. With her help, I am achieving a confidence, focus and balance that is radiating into all corners of my world in the most wonderful way.

Megan Short (née Boyle)
Head of Fundraising
Greenwich& Bexley Community Hospice


John Maxwell.jpeg

"Kimberley has worked with us to engage with internal stakeholders across the organization, helping our staff and board members understand what it means to embrace a culture of philanthropy, a priority she latched onto from our strategic plan. Through staff and board workshops, and one on one interviews, ACT has made an tremendous culture shift. Staff and board members are more eager to participate in fundraising and the process of engaging donors, knowing its part in advancing our mission. Engaging herself, leveraging her immense knowledge with a touch of humour, Kimberley has put ACT on the right path for success."

John Maxwell

Executive Director

Aids Committee of Toronto

Kathryn Gold.jpeg

"Kimberley focuses on solutions; she kept me on track and by the end of our first session I had clarity, and a real, tangible path forward. Kimberley, you're kind of brilliant!" "Kimberley is the definition of a safe space; I felt protected, safe, and challenged all at the same time. I would highly recommend working with Kimberley."

Kathryn Gold

Chief Operating Officer

Swim Drink Fish Canada

Sarah Goddard.jpeg

Coaching with Kimberley was exactly what I needed to work through a transitional period in my life. Alongside some ‘big life’ conversations, coaching helped me be clearer on values, priorities and relationships and finding balance between them. The regular, stable place to explore issues that were coming up and how they interconnected was transformative. We also worked on business coaching which was invaluable in helping me be firmer on ways I want to work, projects to focus on and how I can grow. In particular we did work around exploring my pricing structures and how I was limiting myself in not embracing true value of what I am offering my clients. Through our conversations, and homework set, I now have a pricing structure and new products that I am comfortable and happy with as I take my business up a gear. I recommend coaching to everyone and Kimberley’s warm, confident and championing style in particular.

Sarah Goddard

Fundraising Sarah!

Public Fundraising Consultant

London, UK

Ruth MacKenzie.jpeg

Kimberley led us beautifully through a fairly difficult discussion, and really made sure we nailed something concrete down. I’m very pleased with the outcome we achieved.”

Ruth MacKenzie

Executive Director

Canadian Association of Gift Planners

Carl Gough.jpeg

"It took me a long time to decide on my first ever business coach. The options were seemingly never ending and just fuelled my confusion. When I met Kimberley, she made it so easy. There was never any pressure, we had a frank and open conversation initially and then it was left to me to decide. I love Kimberley's pragmatic approach an over the last 3 months she has helped me gain a sharper focus and greater confidence in my abilities to make a difference. I was one of those people who always felt guilty about investing in myself, but now I wish I'd done it sooner because I can see how much further down the road I would be. Kimberley's approach deals with whatever situation is uppermost, whether daily life or professional life; for me the two are often inseparable and in our sessions that has never been a problem. If you're looking for someone to support you as you head out towards an uncertain place in life and work, then make sure you have Kimberely as your travelling companion!"

Carl Gough


Wales, UK

Jennifer Riddell.jpeg

I've been working with Kimberley for almost 9 months now and she's the help I never realized I needed! The number of "ah-ha!" moments I have had during our coaching sessions are too many to count, she's been instrumental in guiding me towards digging deeper to find the right solutions within myself. Thanks to Kimberley I feel more able to take risks professionally and am stepping more and more out of my comfort zone, with amazing results so far, while also being the person I need to be as a wife, mother and as myself. I always leave our sessions feeling lighter, more confident and knowing just a bit more about myself.

Jennifer Riddell

Sales Executive

Sam Katz.jpeg

"When I first met Kimberley nearly three years ago, we completely clicked like we had known each other for years. It was this reason that I decided to choose her as a career coach and it was one of the best decisions I've made. She helped me build the necessary tools for goal setting and her energy constantly helped keep me a top performer during a transitional time. Kimberley challenged me in ways that made me think critically and our conversations were always authentic. She truly helped me find balance between my work and personal life and led me to a path where I am much happier in both areas. I can't thank Kimberley enough and would highly recommend her coaching services!"

Sam Katz

Director of Development

Aids Committee of Toronto


Photo Credit: Kimberley MacKenzie, Quadra Island, British Columbia

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