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October 25:"You are Not Alone"

October 25, 2021

Cindy Wagman

The last year and a half has been lonely. While at the beginning slogans like “together alone” might have made us feel connected, that has slipped away and many of us are feeling like our worlds are a whole lot smaller than before. But this loneliness is not new for those in small nonprofits. Often we are very much alone in our work, without peers. In today’s podcast episode, Kimberley MacKenzie joins us to talk about authenticity, community, and tough conversations.


Episode 84: Fundraising is a Team Sport: Steps to Influence Change

June 1, 2021

Michelle Dillon, Janice Cunning

In this episode, Michelle and Janice talk with Kimberley MacKenzie, the founder and CEO of The Intersection, a social enterprise focused on candid conversations and meaningful connections. Kimberley shares some personal stories about influencing change in fundraising.

She talks about fundraising as a team sport and ways to have better outcomes and builds alliances. Kimberley encourages listeners to practice having a candid conversation with someone you want to have a better relationship with.

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IWITOT Americas. Kimberley MacKenzie

April 12, 2021

Lisa Sargent, Suhailah Waheed

IWITOT: The Americas. 11 speakers shared 11 ideas to borrow and adapt for your organisation in 2021. This was THE event that fundraisers needed to get ready for another year of fundraising in a pandemic.


Episode 41: "Why do fundraisers leave and what will keep them?"

July 15, 2021

Kev Khayat

Seems like there’s always at least half a dozen jobs going for senior fundraisers or directors and the turnover rate is scary, the average time someone stays in one of those jobs is around 18 months. My guest today is Kimberley MacKenzie, one of Canada’s premier nonprofit coaches who’s done the fundraising gig herself, more than once. She explains what Exec Directors and fundraisers themselves can do to keep people in post for longer doing their best work. That’s a win for everybody. Let’s tune in.


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Photo Credit: Kimberley MacKenzie, MacKenzie Beach, Tofino, British Columbia

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