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Kelly Morris

Kelly is the CEO and Founder of KellyAnnOnline, an agency that helps nonprofit leaders and solopreneurs succeed in their online business. From her early experience working in a digital music and web hosting company to helping bring a baby product business online, she is inspired by the opportunities that the internet can deliver for everyone.


With over 20 years of experience working in the online space and over a decade of that working as a fundraiser, Kelly enjoys sharing her passion with business leaders on their journey into the digital world. With tools like social media, sales funnels, modern databases, video and meeting technology, your business is ready to be amplified.


Kelly shares simple digital solutions that help her customers cultivate and develop new relationships online while keeping a human touch. She believes technology is the best tool to help build hard-to-resist online communities that will delight and retain clients. 


Not only does Kelly seek to elevate your knowledge, but she also develops your digital skillset so you'll be able to lead your team, create more awareness for your business, attract more investment and create an even more significant impact in your community.

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