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Thank you for your interest.


When my babies were little, I spent a lot of time volunteering for a charity I loved. Eventually I started raising money for them, so much that they created a job just for me. I spent the next 23 years raising millions of dollars for charities either as an executive director or director of fundraising. I loved it.


I built a six figure consulting business and I have helped loads of charities transform their operations, improve their governance structure, shift to a philanthropic culture, build plans and set direction for .

I am married to my second husband, which means I've also lived through the break up of my family and the rejection of divorce. I am a mother to two and stepmother to six children and a GRANDMA! I understand the complicated the tension between a dynamic family, a demanding job and the pressure of needing to be the primary income earner.

A few other things you may be interest in knowing:

  • I am an Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Master Trainer

  • Carried my Certified Fundraising Designation for 17 years

  • Have taught AFP's Fundraising Fundamentals Course - TWICE!

  • Have spoken at conferences in India, The Netherlands, the United States and Canada.

  • Love time in the forest walking my two puppies Zoe and Reggie

  • Hold two International Coaching Federation Certifications and subscribe to a coaching code of ethics.

I believe with my entire heart that our communities will thrive if the organizations that serve them thrive. To do that we need to thrive.  Coaching is a tool that can provide the transformation.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about me. I would love to hear your story.


Book some time for a virtual cup of tea together. Who knows what we might be able to do together.

Yours in service and community,

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