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Purpose above Profit

Do you remember when you were driven by passion? Passion for a mission, a business venture or a calling to service. What happened?


Sometimes our tanks are empty and we need a refresh to get back to that. Sometimes we need to lean on others who share our values to lift us up. Then we can lift them up.


The Intersection is founded on four pillars as outlined below. When we build a community of people who are reminded about the concept of service above self and purpose before profit, people who bring their whole selves to the conversation, we will build a community. That doesn't mean it will be easy, but if our intentions are sincere, it will be worthwhile.


Do you believe in the four pillars below? Then join the movement for change and connection. Let's start having candid conversations for social good and see how we might be able to have a positive impact together. Are you in? 


Whether it is volunteering, leading a charity, building a business, adding value to the world is critical for building a more loving, accepting and tolerant society.


Adding value in every interaction creates community.


Money is the biproduct of a good story, a good cause, a good solid well governed organization and a well-run business.


Growing so that you can help build a more loving, compassionate and just world is critical. 


Learning to give voice to your truth and take care of ourselves is more important than ever.


We are all part of this complicated, messy human family. Let’s celebrate our collective humanity!


We are all stronger together. Belonging, connection and purpose at work and at home are fundamental needs.


Let’s lean on each other and find solace in communion.

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