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What You See is What You Get

I’m going to be 100% honest with you right now. I used ChatGPT for a part of this article. I was curious about artificial intelligence (AI) and I was thinking about authenticity and my Instagram “grid” so I put them together and asked AI for a bit of help. AI generated a pretty cool list about the benefits of authenticity that I’ll share the in a minute.


Back in 2016 I wrote a series of articles and a few workshops on what I called The Authentic Fundraiser. At the time many of us were still wearing suits, commuting to work and talking about “moves management” with respect to high net worth donors. The idea of more authenticity in our work as fundraisers felt important – to me anyway. You can see the article on linked in here.

For a few years after that it seemed as if everyone was tossing around the word “authentic” like a new football. It was probably “frequency illusion” or cognitive bias on my part because I was thinking about authenticity, it was suddenly all around me.

Being unapologetically me has almost always served me well. It has taken a lot of work with mentors, coaches and therapists to:

a: Know who I am.

b: Share that authentically and confidently with the world.

c: Be okay with the fact that not everyone is going to want to hang out in my orbit.

I recently realized a massive disconnect with these values. It happened on Instagram.

Social Media

I am building an online global business. For me social media is key to that. I had a lot to learn about how to build a business using social media. I was studying Instagram experts and Linked In mavens trying to be “professional”. I was working hard to try and have consistent branding and a good looking Instagram “Grid”.

There is a problem to this though - I simply cannot help but post videos of my puppies or family dinners and of course my gorgeous four-month-old granddaughter (with her mother’s consent of course!).

Authenticity is still a big part of how I show up in the world. I can’t shake it. For better or worse what you see is what you get. My so called brand is my AUTHENTICITY. Living in aligment with my values of family first and loving nature is the only way I know to attract the kind of clients who are a good fit for me.

That is what co-active coaching is all about anyway. Yes, as a co-active coach I work with you on your entire human system. That could include work, family, or pets! That is how I got to living a resonant, abundant, and joyful life. And, that is how you will get there too.

This realization had me starting to think about the benefits of authentic living. That is where AI comes in.

The Benefits

When I went to ChatGPT and asked: What are the benefits of being authentic? The following is what came back to me:

Being authentic has numerous benefits that can positively impact various aspects of your life. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Genuine connections: When you are authentic, you attract like-minded individuals who appreciate you for who you truly are. This fosters deeper and more meaningful relationships, as people can sense your sincerity and trust you.

  2. Improved self-awareness: Being authentic requires self-reflection and understanding of your values, beliefs, and desires. This process of introspection leads to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

  3. Increased confidence: Embracing your true self boosts self-confidence because you no longer feel the need to pretend or conform to societal expectations. This confidence allows you to take on challenges and pursue your goals more effectively.

  4. Stress reduction: Living authentically means being true to yourself, which reduces the stress and anxiety associated with maintaining a façade or trying to be someone you're not.

  5. Enhanced creativity and innovation: Authenticity allows you to express your unique perspectives and ideas openly. This leads to increased creativity and innovation as you bring your genuine self to problem-solving and creative endeavors.

  6. Better decision-making: When you are authentic, you make decisions that align with your values and principles, leading to choices that are more fulfilling and purpose-driven.

  7. Increased resilience: Embracing authenticity enables you to bounce back from setbacks and challenges more effectively because you are grounded in your values and beliefs.

  8. Improved mental health: Being true to yourself promotes a positive self-image and reduces the risk of developing mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

  9. Enhanced leadership skills: Authentic leaders inspire trust and loyalty from their team members, creating a more positive and productive work environment.

  10. Personal fulfillment: Living authentically allows you to lead a more fulfilling life because you are embracing your true self and pursuing your passions and interests.

Overall, authenticity enables you to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life, fostering genuine relationships and personal growth along the way. Remember that being authentic does not mean being perfect; it means embracing your imperfections and being true to yourself in every aspect of life.

HOW COOL IS THAT! (This is me again)

I so wish that I could claim having written that list! But doing so wouldn’t be on brand for me.

I especially love number ten. “Personal Fulfillment. Living a fulfilling life because you are embracing your true self and pursuing your passions and interests.” And so, I’ve decided, if you follow me on social media you get to see all aspects of my life. Because what you see is what you get – I don’t know how to be anything else.

If this resonates with you, please do join anyone one of my communities. Instagram Linked In TikTok. I’d love to connect and get to know you better.

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