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We are about to enter a very busy time of year. Summer vacations are wrapping up, teachers are gearing up to welcome your kids, your kids are excited about new teachers, new schools and new routines. And work! EVERYONE is about to come back from vacation and your pipeline is about to burst!

Sound familiar? It is so easy to get overwhelmed. It happens to every single family. Especially ours. And we know that in order to be a high performer at work, we need to be mentally, physically and emotionally as fit as possible at home. It is all connected. Here is what works for us:

Our life is very dynamic.

Our life is also very good and we are extremely grateful.

Sometimes however, a lot happens all at once. At our wedding Rob made a joke about kids learning to ride a bike, getting their driver's licence, starting a new job, going to university, getting arrested...and that was just one day in our house! In a blended family with eight kids it is true. Things do get hectic.

Over time we have learned how not to get paralyzed when things get overwhelming. This is what works for us:

1. Mindfulness Matters. Worrying about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow doesn't serve us. Making the best of this moment right now is what matters.

2. Take a breath. Some things are out of our control, how we respond to them isn't. Choose your response carefully.

3. We stand together and tackle challenges as a team.

4. Count your blessings. An intentional gratitude practice WORKS!

5. Time in nature is restorative. When all else fails try to get outside for a bit. In a forest or beside some water if possible.

6. Choose grace. Remember, what you see is on social media is the highlight reel of people's lives. You don't know the full extent of what folks are dealing with.

7. Talking it out helps. Find a safe place to talk through challenges. You know in your heart and in your mind what the solution is. (HINT: coaching is usually transformative)

8. Keep your sense of humour. Rob often quotes his Dad Gary (RIP) who used to say: "Don't sweat the small stuff. And it is all small stuff."

9. Change is constant. Take a breath, pause and wait - it will change.

10. You are not alone. Remember on social media you are seeing the highlight reel of peoples lives. Real life isn't perfect - for anyone.

Our work lives and personal lives are not silo'd. Our entire human system is complicated and different parts of life need work at different times. So do take care.

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